It’s Gonna Be Ok

A/N: Originally, I wrote this for a competition. I got third place, if I remember correctly. It was supposed to be in diary format, and it was the very first competition I joined. This is the original draft, with nothing edited, and so there are definitely some errors; I am also not as proud of the flow of this as some of my others, as I had to rush the ending due to word limits. Nevertheless, it was my first experience writing twists, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. 🙂

Jan 2, 2014

First day of form 4. Everything happened the way I wished it hadn’t. First, we got The Gorilla as our class teacher. I mean couldn’t they have picked someone else?? There must be a thousand teachers in the school and they have to go and pick The Gorilla.

Jay says he’s OK, but then that’s what Jay says about everyone, He’s OK, She’s OK. I bet if they had brought Attila the Hun to be our class teacher Jay would go Oh he’s ok, he’s only killed a few thousand people.

We didn’t do much today. We got to know our teachers and the other students as well as form our pairs. I already knew I would go with Jay. I met this really cute boy and started over to meet him, but Jay called me back and told me not to wander off. Jay doesn’t like it when I leave him alone. I don’t mind. I mean, he is my best friend.

Jan 3, 2014

Today was worse than yesterday! Class started at 9am, but Jay and I arrived late because I needed to use the bathroom. The Gorilla yelled at us. Jay tried explaining what happened, but that just made him yell even more. I don’t like him. He made us sit right in front of the room because he says he wants to keep an eye on us. He thinks we’re going to be trouble.

We played this weird game today. We had to get into our pairs and stand in a large circle. One of us would be the runner. It was obviously me; Jay has always been slower than me. The Gorilla stood at the front of the room and when he blew on a whistle, the runners had to run to the middle of the circle, where there were a few objects, and bring one back to our partners.

When I reached the middle, I bumped into the cute boy from yesterday. His name’s Terry. I think he likes me because when we met, he picked up one of the objects and held it towards me. When I tried to take it, he ran a few steps away! The only logical thing to do was to follow him. I chased him for a few seconds but The Gorilla started shouting and blowing loudly on the whistle. I ignored it until Jay grabbed me and pulled me away. Jay never gets mad, but he was, so I knew I did something really wrong. ‘You’re going to get us into trouble’ he hissed at me. I hung my head in shame. I didn’t know Jay would get in trouble!

The Gorilla started into a rant. I didn’t pay attention because I was looking over at Terry. He kept grinning at me. We would be great friends, if not for Jay telling me to stay away from him.

March 24, 2014

So far school has been okay, except for The Gorilla. I still don’t like him. Today we had a field trip to a furniture factory. We played another game where, in our pairs, we had to search for a particular object. Jay and I won when I found it. Jay couldn’t stop telling me how good I did!

We, however, got into trouble again. I saw Terry getting scolded by The Gorilla for not finding the object. I went over to stand up for him, but then I got shouted at. When Jay came over, he got yelled at, too. ‘Control your partner’s temper!’ The Gorilla told Jay. Jay took me aside to calm me down. I tried telling him what happened, but he shushed me and told me to try to please The Gorilla by behaving. I will, but only for Jay’s sake. I don’t want The Gorilla getting angry at him.

Nov 10, 2014

We graduated today! I can’t believe I actually passed! The exam was really hard, but both Jay and I are happy with the results. Even The Gorilla was happy for us! It was the first time he praised me. He told me I did well and he told Jay that he was lucky to have me beside him.

Nov 21 2014

Today was horrible. It started out fun, with Jay taking me out. We met up with two of his friends. I’ve never met them before. One was named Brooke and the other was Ned. We all went to this office building; Brooke and Ned stayed outside while Jay and I went in. He wanted me to help him find something. Of course I would! I’d do anything for him. I found it almost immediately; I don’t know how he missed it. Seriously, it was so obvious! It was in one of the drawers of a cabinet.

Just as Jay was taking it out, there was a loud noise behind us. I felt a pain in my leg and saw that it was bleeding. Jay screamed and I saw him fall. I turned and there was a strange man standing there. There was another loud noise but this time, the man fell. Brooke and Ned came running in and bent down over Jay. Jay pointed at Brooke and told me to go with her. ‘She’s OK,’ he said.

I didn’t want to, but she carried me out. Ned stayed with Jay. Brooke put me in her car and wrapped my leg up before she started to drive away. I couldn’t stop whining. My leg hurt. I thought she was going to take me home but she didn’t. She took me to some weird place that smells funny. An old man put me in a cage. Who is he? At least there’s a bowl of water for me. I heard Brooke say to the man, ‘Put her down; she’s suffered enough. These dogs from the K9 Form 4 Unit always go above and beyond the call of duty.’

I wonder how long I’m going to be here.


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