Chance of a Lifetime

A/N: I was originally not going to do anything with this, because while I loved the prompt and had a vague idea in mind, I didn’t know what would go in the beginning or the middle; I only had an ending set. I tried this out in third person, but there was just something that wasn’t right – and then I changed it to second person and everything just flowed.

I left the ending open on purpose; I want my readers (that’s you!) to decide for yourselves. What you do, where you go, and what you make of the life you have is entirely up to you. Choose wisely. 😉

Original prompt:

You slip a hand out of your pocket and run your fingers through your already messy hair, pushing the locks out of your face.

“And nobody would-” you start, but the words catch in your throat, and you swallowed dryly, licking your lips as you try to give some moisture to your parched throat. “I mean, nobody would miss me?”

The thing nods, and you hear the scratchy voice echoing in the insides of your mind interrupting you. –You would have never existed.

“W-where would I go?” you ask, although you already know the answer.

Anywhere and everywhere.

You glance around the empty street, and find your breath catching. You would be free, having no responsibilities, no work, no hardships, no arguments with anyone… Only you, the train, and endless possibilities. You could go anywhere you wanted to, do anything, see anything.

The only catch is that you would exchange your life for it – literally. Your mother would have never given birth to you. Your friends would have never known who you were. You would dissolve into nothingness and, since you did not exist, you would be able to hop aboard a non-existent train and go to places you could only ever dream off.

You know not everyone is lucky enough to have this choice, and although the asking price is high, you understand why it is so.

Your time is up – the driver of the train says, and there is a hint of impatience in his tone. You have already spent long enough time thinking about it, and he wants an answer. You know that if you decline, he will never show up again, and you will live out the rest of your life knowing you missed this opportunity of a lifetime. But, if you accept, you would miss out the adventure of life itself.

What is your choice?

You take a deep breath, and look the creature right in the eye.

“I decide…”


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